Dear Parents.  My name is Roy Moulder.  My wife, Jessie, and I have owned and operated Berryhill Childcare since 2007.   We have done a lot over the past nine years, including remodeling and adding on to our center, opening the after school center, as well as improving our program and how we operate. We are continuing to work towards further improvements and goals, but we have a long way to go.   We have been fortunate to have employees who, no doubt, love what they do, and it shows. We know we would not be where we are without them.   I am starting this blog to give all who are interested, some insight to all the many aspects of child care from several perspectives, including from a man,  because believe it or not; child care was not the answer when I was asked:  “what are you going to do with your life?’  My Job has evolved into three separate, more defined parts.  First, I am a manager.  The teachers look at me as the boss, after my wife of course. I do understand why, but it has never been my desire to be in charge.  I have managed to gain some experience in child care, although I have less experience than the majority of the people I am managing. I have always felt that the best managers are those who have experienced what their employees experience daily.  Second, I am a maintenance man.  This is to say, point man; whatever my wife points at, I have (try) to fix.  Finally I am a teacher.  I have spent time with all the ages of children we care for, and I have learned a lot.  I am average at best at each of the three of the parts, but I love being involved, and I love being around the children, no matter what age.  I will open this blog up for our teachers to write and comment as well.  Their point of view is important and should be heard.  Not a day goes by without a child doing something that makes me laugh, and I love telling a child’s parent about the funny things their child did.  I would like you to experience this as well, so look forward to reading about those moments.  I am not a doctor, physiologist, or even, a child counselor, so there will not be expert opinions or advice on any medical or psychological issues concerning children. There will be relative experiences, on some subject matter you may be interested in, and I may direct you to an article or resource that is available which may help.  Some of these may be included on our site. If there is a subject or topic that interest you, having to do with children, please let me know, and I will do my best to research it and comment.   This will remain strictly an opinion forum, and we would welcome your comments as well.  Please like and/or follow us on our social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and Instagram.  Please subscribe and ask your friends and family to subscribe as well. Thank you. Roy

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